Spiritual Consultancy Readings

Scot does not take the place of a medical professional; clergy, counsellor, legal, financial, health or psychiatric advice or care. Any decision you make, based on a session, will be of your own free will. All readings are subject to the client’s interpretation. As a requirement for disclaimers in some parts of the world; this service is provided for ‘entertainment’ purposes only and no guarantees are implied or stated You must be age 18 and over to qualify for a booking.

Scot conducts his unique readings via Skype, What’s App, Facebook Messenger or phone.


Bridge between you and your loved ones in Spirit Side/Heaven. Your Guides and your Inner Soul Consciousness may be part of this special session.

45 MINS £50.00

60MINS £80.00


***** ***** ******


Gifts of Clairvoyance and Seer ship brings eye opening insights. She uses the divination tools of tarot, cartomancy cards to channel messages from your A, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self.

45 MINS £50.00

60 MINS £80.00


***** ***** ******


Connect to your soul, and your guides to give you messages and healing for your body, mind and soul about any area of this or past lives.

60 MINS £60

90 MINS £80.00


***** ***** ******


What, When, Where, How? Life Path, Calling, Relationships, Travel and Relocation

60 MINS £100


***** ***** ******

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Spiritual Consultancy Readings

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